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Сотня моих любимых синглов 1999 года. Часть 3 [60-41]

60. E-Type ‎– Princess Of Egypt
59. Backstreet Boys ‎– Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
58. ДельфинЛюбовь
57. Moby ‎– Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?
56. Bloodhound Gang ‎– The Bad Touch
55. Blank & Jones ‎– After Love
54. Roxette ‎– Salvation
53. Eurythmics ‎– I Saved The World Today
52. Roxette ‎– Wish I Could Fly
51. Rollergirl ‎– Luv U More

50. The Cranberries ‎– Animal Instinct
49. Jennifer Lopez ‎– If You Had My Love
48. WestBam ‎– BeatBoxRocker
47. Михей и Джуманджи feat. Инна SteelТуда
46. Scooter ‎– Call Me Mañana
45. Eiffel 65 ‎– Blue (Da Ba Dee)
44. 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor feat. Des'Ray and D-Rock ‎– Heaven Is Here
43. ДельфинДверь
42. ATB ‎– Don't Stop!
41. Tina Cousins ‎– Forever
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Posts from This Journal “top 100 singles of 90s” Tag